Turkish Green Crescent Society

Informal Dialogue: CND Chair

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P630Qa9TBJ4&w=560&h=315] Matej Košir, Deputy Chairperson, Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC) (Moderator): Welcome to the Informal Dialogue, where all questions will be asked online. We received 11 questions. Ambassador Ghislain D-hoop, Belgium (CND Chair): I attach a lot of importance with civil society and actually, I think we should have it more often. I’m available throughout the year, so …

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CND 64th Reconvened Session – 10th December 2021

<Technical issues> Mexico: (…) in recent days, we have seen how a number of delegations have sought to influence the Secretariat and to censor documentation, frankly, violating article 100 of the UN charter. Which should we fail to recall is not only an international treaty, but rather it is ´the´ international treaty that depends on …

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Side event: Recent Developments in Cannabis Policy: Dangers and Misconceptions from the perspectives of Europe, Asia and the North America

Sedef Ercetin Gencosmanoglu, Moderator, Turkish Green Crescent Society: Welcome to this side event on cannabis policy, recent developments and misconceptions from Europe, Asia and North America, organised by the Turkish Green Crescent Society with the support of nations from Russia and Smart Approaches to Marijuana from the USA. My name is Sedef Ercetin Gencosmanoglu, and …

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