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Committee of the Whole L.4. Strengthening international cooperation to comprehensively address the links between illicit drug trafficking and illicit firearms trafficking

Mexico: Last Monday, I mentioned we had advanced a lot in the understandings. Thanks to the contributions and engagement of delegations, we made good substantive progress over the last two days. There are a number of paragraphs which have already been agreed in informals. Should proceed with those paragraphs then will have time to move …

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Side Event: Synthetic drugs – why we need to worry

Side Event: Synthetic drugs – why we need to worry Organized by the UNODC Laboratory and Scientific Section with the support of the United Kingdom Monday 12th April 14.10-15.00 CET Moderator: Sulaiman Zahi Muhammad (Science Secretariat, UK) Martin Raithelhuber – Int cooderinator of Global SMART – focus on early warning and trends analysis Why do …

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