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Resolution L4. Safe handling and disposal of synthetic drugs, their precursors and other chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of drugs

Tuesday Morning Session PP3 Russia: “in which it was recognised” – delete “the Commission” – It’s standard practice to quaote the name of the document. Otherwise we might send the wrong signal. US: In compromise “in which Member States recognise” Chair: PP3 Agreed PP4 Chair: No comments? Agreed PP5 Chair: Agreed PP12 Chair: Agreed PP13 …

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Side Event: Initiatives to prevent overdose (Online)

Organised by Australia with the support of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States Welcome and Opening Remarks – Celia Street, First Assistant Secretary, Population Health Division, Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care The Australian Government is investing $19.6 mil over four years from 2022-23 (and $4.9 mil ongoing) to deliver the …

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Resolution L5. Strengthening information-sharing to increase international scheduling and the implementation of scheduling decisions

Monday afternoon session  Chair: It is my pleasure to chair the session of this committee. And I’m confident that we would work together to bring the important work of the committee to good results in accordance with the agenda and organization of work contained in document L1. This committee would have eight meetings starting this …

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