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Youth Organisations for Drug Action (YODA)

CND Intersessional, 28 September 2017: Chapter 4 on human rights, women, youth and children

Post-UNGASS Facilitator. We will focus today on human rights, youth, children, women and communities. Valerie Lebaux, Chief, Justice Section, UNODC. Given the focus of this third round of intersessional discussions, technical assistance and international cooperation needs, I want to provide updates on UNODC’s technical assistance in supporting member states to implement chapter 4 of the …

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Side event: Are drug policies protecting youth?

Organised by Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).  Orsi Feher (Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Vienna) Hello and welcome. As representatives of SSDP, we represent 264 chapters over 26 countries, including Nigeria, Austria, United States. We will be speaking about our own experiences. As I am originally from Hungary I will be speaking about Hungary. …

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Side event – Protecting the rights of young people in the areas related to drugs and drug policy, under international regulations

Organized by Youth Organisations for Drug Action and the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe. Ayesha Mian, Communications Officer,Youth Organisations for Drug Action (YODA): We, as young people, feel consistently failed by the drug policies that are meant to protect us. Even policymakers themselves admit that is difficult for legislation to keep up with …

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Youth Substance Use and Misuse: Challenges and Progress

Organized by the Government of Poland, in partnership with the Youth Organisations for Drug Action. Jan Stola, YODA Issues of criminalization and partial decriminalization of possession for personal use in Poland. Cannabis is the most popular drug among youth, followed by amphetamines. Number of youth admitted to drug treatment has decreased, although the total number …

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