CND Sessions

CND 59th Session Reconvened – Friday 2nd December

Session started with administrative issues and the adoption of the budget resolution – amended from Monday after FINGOV meeting (E/CN.7/2016/L.16 – Implementation of the budget 2016/2017 for the UN drug control programme). Agenda item 6. Implementation of the international drug control treaties. Chair: Under this item we have invited the WHO to present to present …

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Plenary: 11th Meeting – Item 7, 10, 12

Chair: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Kindly be seated. I now declare the meeting open. We will resume our consideration of item 7.  Let me recall we considered the draft resolution: the Adu Dhabi declaration. Informals have been held yesterday. The outcome has been submitted. Item 7: World situation with regard to drug trafficking and recommendations …

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Resolution L4. Strengthening international cooperation in combating illicit production and trafficking of opiates originating in Afghanistan in the framework of the Paris Pact Initiative (continued)

Russia. We are still waiting for a resolution on some of the most contentious parts of the text. There are unfortunately some gaps that we will try to overcome now under your leadership and to find some solutions that will satisfy everybody, to continue the Paris Pact process which is an important mechanism. I will be …

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