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CND Day 5 – Agenda decided for 2010 session and Costa provides closing speech

The morning session of day 5 of CND was business oriented. Delegates discussed and approved the agenda for next’s year’s session. They also agreed the final text of the resolutions that has been negotiated this week in the Committee of the Whole.

The afternoon session began with a wrap up speech from UNODC Executive Director, Antonio Maria Costa. He thanked delegates and NGOs for their participation, and noted the many well attended side events organised this year.

Mr Costa reviewed a number of the resolutions passed, and noted the importance of the resolution on data collection as there is need for additional information on drugs and crime to assure activities are evidence-based.

He noted UNODC involvement in organising joint narcotics control agreement between Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and cited the first operation under this new agreement on March 8 along the Iran/Afghanistan border resulting in 16 arrests and the seizure of half a ton of opium.

He affirmed UNODC’s commitment to put heath at the heart of drug control, and noted a new agreement signed with Iran to fight the spread of HIV among injecting drug users. He also noted the debate over harm reduction at the High Level Segment last week, describing it as a storm in a teacup, and in this regard called the attention of delegates to the UNODC paper produced last year on reducing the negative consequences of drug use.

He noted the need for enhanced funding for UNODC, particular from core UN funds.

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