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United States statement on demand reduction

US has made progress. There has been a 25% reduction in youth drug use since 2001 according to annual school drug survey. Increases have been recorded in 18-26 year old age group.

Addiction is a disease and ‘must be addressed as a public health issue’. NIDA conducts 85% of world’s research on drug use. NIDA working on immumization trials for cocaine and Methamphetaime.

US will be adopting needle exchange which will make a contribution to addressing HIV.

The US is proud to be a leader in working towards universal access.

The federal counter-narcotics budget is 13 billion dollars.

Screening and brief intervention system used to detect early drug use. The government provides matching funds to local anti-drug groups, totalling 800 grants in 769 communities.

The government supports drug courts.

It supports school-based prevention programmes and broad media campaigns

Increasing evidence of prescription drug misuse.

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