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Argentina’s Comments on the INCB Annual Report

Argentina has a long and fruitful history of collaboration with the INCB and make sure that its recommendations are implemented. We see with surprise and frustration that in its 2009 report, the Board has conveyed doubts as to the compatibility of the conventions with the recent developments in Argentina, including the 2009 decision adopted by the Supreme Court on the possession of some types of narcotic drugs for personal use. These doubts are devoid of any substantiate explanation, and do not take account of the context in which this development occurred. Our country will make a formal reply to the INCB report in which we will give a full analysis of the situation, show the unfounded nature of the INCB’s intervention, and ask the Board to reconsider its position. We must also recall another item: an international and truly efficient scheme must have as its guiding criteria dialogue and joint work. Unfounded judgement will only contribute to impair the good functioning of this Board.

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