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Spain’s comments on the INCB Annual Report on behalf of the EU

We wish to highlight that the primary role of the treaties is to safeguard the health and welfare of human kind. There is a need to achieve a more balanced approach to achieve this goal. We believe that primary prevention is a fundamental health issue that needs adequate resources. Partnerships with civil society and NGOs are vital for the effectiveness of these policies. The EU action plan recognises the need for evidence-based prevention programmes. The EU also aims to prevent high-risk behaviour to drug users, including IDUs, through targeted intervention measures. Innovation is encouraged, which may include self-help interventions that are effective in targeted situations. A regular assessment of the magnitude of the drug problem needs to be conducted by type of drugs and age groups.

The EU welcomes INCB efforts to improve the availability of drugs for medical purposes, and encourages it to develop research to help countries evaluate their policies and needs, and ensure the availability of such medication for the relief of pain through legislation. A welcome aspect would be an emergency provision to make available these medicines at short notice for countries that do not provide them in normal circumstances.

Finally, since 2007, the EU has been particularly affected by the diversion of precursors, and has implemented a number of policies to prevent it. The EU commits to prevent the diversion of precursors in the illicit drug market.

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