CND Day 1 – Plenary statement of Deputy Interior Minister for Countering Narcotics in Afghanistan:

Opium cultivation has decreased by 26%. There is a need to consolidate poppy free communities. Alternative livelihood programmes have also made some difference.

Casualties have been afflicted during drug controlling activities. Afghan courts convicted 427 people from drug trafficking, and acquitted 59, and over 5,500 people were treated in drug treatment centres, but more remains to be done.

Countries of our region are not only joined by common history and geography but there is a common trend on drugs and insurgency. Defeating these can only be achieved through cooperation and collaboration. Drug control has been a major stimulus through the triangle initiative between Iran/Pakistan/Afghanistan. Positive operational results have already been achieved through the triangle initiative, including the Joint Planning Cell: narcotics were seized, three criminal networks were dismantled, and hundreds were arrested.

International donors must promote and increase rural development efforts, and address the shortage of finance and technical assistance for alternative livelihoods.

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