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CND Day 1 – Plenary statement of the Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria

The Nigerian delegation offers its fullest cooperation and support to the UNODC/CND.

Nigeria is a transit route for drug trafficking and has a high level of drug abuse. This session is timely and important: it provides awareness on the world drug problem and progress. It is the central piece for fighting drug abuse.

School based preventive programmes have been carried out to expose children. Attention is given to sending the right messages on drug prevention programmes in different local languages through mass media. Drug laws are translated into different languages as well, and awareness is being made on the consequences of getting involved in drug crimes.

Nigeria is resolved to fight the cultivation of cannabis and illicit drug trafficking. Drug law enforcement Agency, in 2009, identified and destroyed 924 ha of cannabis cultivation areas. Large amounts of Cannabis were seized by the government. Cocaine and heroin were also seized. The government is also implementing development programmes to combat drug production.

The government is committed to conduct surveys on the use of substances. The drug trafficking network is evolving, and new markets for illicit drugs in Eastern Europe and Asia are appearing. Collaborative efforts are needed and are already being developed, including exchange of intelligence and extension of training assistance by countries that have developed useful capacity. Nigeria participated to operations that led to the arrest of main drug traffickers, and worked with a number of other countries to prevent drug trafficking.

Nigeria calls upon CND and international community to provide technical assistance and capacity building in Nigeria to combat illicit drug trafficking. Nigeria will ensure effective implementation of Action Plan and combat organised crime and drug abuse in the region. Nigeria adopts the recommendations to develop effective drug law enforcement and operational regional responses and initiatives in the fight against illicit drug trafficking. There is a need for the implementation of uniform implementation mechanisms.

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