CND Day 2 – Nigeria Plenary Presentation on means of raising awareness about the risks of drugs, giving attention to the needs of women, men and youth

Nigeria supports a balanced approach to drug control focusing on supply and demand reduction. The essence of this action is to ensure that demand reduction is an integral part of the national drug control strategy including in the rural countryside. Illicit use of cannabis and substances not under international control but have psychotropic effects, like solvents, glue and gasoline are rising. These substances are replacing other substances as a drug of choice among young people.

Integrating drug demand reduction policies, Nigeria has integrated demand policies as a crucial part of its national plan. This focuses on making campaign information available in work places, market places in different local languages. Nigeria’s preferred media has been the radio because it reaches a wider population in both rural areas as well as the city.

In terms of reducing infections among IDUs, Nigeria estimates that they will have integrated substance abuse control programmes into their health strategy in the near future.

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