CND Day 3 – Colombia’s Plenary Statement on the Political Declaration and Plan of Action

The objective is to eliminate the links in the chain from production onwards. Successfully strengthened national institutions in Colombia and succeeded in numerous counter-drug projects.

Colombia eliminated coca crops throughout the country. 2009 witnessed a major reduction in coca. Alternative develop plans have been implemented as well. Manual voluntary eradication includes work with cooperatives for rural development. In terms of forced eradication it is intended to supplement voluntary eradication.

Work against the drug problem in past years was not limited to eradication of illicit crops but included large-scale seizures of cocaine and heroin. Such seizures demonstrate that Colombia has a zero-tolerance policy towards traffickers who throw these drugs to the biggest markets around the world.

Colombia has been able to break up clandestine drug production operations thoughout the country including more than 17,000 clandestine labs. Most of these were processing cocaine base and some producing hydrochloride and heroin. The Colombian government calls on international government to help fight the scourge. All forces should be used to attack every link in the drug trafficking system.

Besides law enforcement efforts it is essential to emphasise efforts to take on money-laundering.

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