CND Day 3 – Mexico’s Plenary Statement on the Political Declaration and Plan of Action

Considering the complex links between drug trafficking and a battery of other crimes, Mexico believes states must strengthen cooperation to turn commitments and declarations into facts.

Supported delegate of Argentina’s comments about the change in approach to thematic debate. Agrees there could be a more effective use of time devoted to the thematic debates. Reiterates comments made by Argentina on the Political Declaration and Plan of Action, which set deadlines that must be met.

The CND should take advantage of the experiences of other UN agencies on follow-up, to make follow-up more effective. In the sphere of data collection, Mexico believes that more centralised and effective approach that sets deadlines in the plan of action and the synergy that could arise in data collection efforts could lead to a renewed means of coming to grips with the vexed issue of thematic debates.

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