CND Day 3 – Cuba’s Plenary Statement on the Political Declaration and Plan of Action

Cuba has built a sound programme to counter illicit trafficking in drugs and precursor chemicals. Today Cuba can affirm that prevention policy has produced positive results despite limited economic resources, which have been further limited due to US embargo. The struggle has been waged with Cuba’s own economic political resources and popular support. Cuba will fight to the death to prevent the introduction of the scourge of drugs.

Cuba is not a producer state or transit country for illicit drugs. Special forces have worked on the border and within the nation to carry out successful large-scale seizures and interdiction efforts.

Prevention is the key component, which is why Cuba has improved community action with students and with civil society. Has detected evidence of use of substances with narcotic effects. Cuba ascribes enormous important to international cooperation, which should be based on untrammelled sovereignty of states. Reaffirms the willingness of Cuban Authorities to cooperate in this sphere. Cuba rejects unilateral sentiments like seals of good conduct by US government. Cuba nourishes hope that US government will engage in spirit of good cooperation.

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