CND day 3 – Pakistan’s plenary statement on the 52nd CND Political Declaration and Plan of Action

Pakistan fully supports the basic framework of the Political Declaration and Plan of Action. Afghanistan/Iran/Pakistan are developing a relationship of shared responsibility and cooperation, which should be seen as a model in the future. We have also signed a convention between 8 countries on criminal justice (ex: police conference).

Pakistan has manifested its political will against drugs. We have a ministry of narcotics control. 1993 drug policy will be reviewed, and a draft has been distributed. Pakistan also has a workplan for 2010-2013 to engage the international community for its shared responsibility: prevention, capacity building, criminal issues, international cooperation.

Pakistan has also formed an anti-narcotics control force. It will give us a better tactical operative framework in the field of drugs.

There are no labs in Pakistan, they were all destroyed. We also have strong precursor regimes in the region.

Threat of cannabis: it is linked to crime and corruption, including terrorism, and it is a regional concern.

We reiterate that Pakistan has a bilateral, regional and international framework of cooperation and are ready to cooperate fully.

We support Mr. Costa’s balanced and humane approach in his opening speech.

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