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CND day 3 – Peru’s statement on the follow up of the 52nd CND

On the basis of an integral approach, international law and sovereignty of states. We are working to combine strategies to reduce demand and supply and reduce drug trafficking through a sustainable approach. Special survey in the Amazon: San Martin programme. We are looking for the cooperation of added food value. We will make this work available to the international community on Thursday. The main axis should focus on human development, and we have welcomed representatives of Asia countries and experts in the region to observe the details of our experience. We are promoting also an attachment to an ethical compromise to carefully select representatives to prevent the inclusion of drug traffickers. We are going to train political parties to formulate their respective political plans. Also: national strategy to combat drugs through laundering of assets that makes it easier to apply the law: free telephone advice called ‘speak frankly’, in addition to treatment and prevention of drugs: prevent, detect and treat drug dependence.

Statistics on consumption: the starting age is between 12 and 14 years old = urgency requires the promotion of a draft resolution to protect young people for the consumption of drugs. Peru is investing 6 million dollars a year to support institutions working on this area. A project is now dedicating additional resources to mitigate production and consumption of drugs.

2010: plan for rapid impact: not sufficient budget. We need for an integral approach to put appropriate resources to fight against drugs. We must bring together information on international and regional cooperation.

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