CND day 3 – UNODC’s introduction of Item 4: Follow up of the Political Declaration and Plan of Action adopted at the 52nd CND

52nd session: evaluation of the progress made, identify priorities, goals and targets for beyond 2009. Balanced strategy was adopted with the Political Declaration and Plan of Action, which recognise that:
1- The Conventions provide the legal framework for action
2- Principle of shared responsibility
3- Supply and demand reduction should be mutually reinforcing.
4- Should include socio-economic aspects and human rights.

Member states committed themselves to implement the plan of action, support the international agencies and civil society, to reporting to the INCB on efforts of implementation, and include on the agenda of the CND to follow up on the implementation of the Political Declaration and Plan of Action.

The impact of the world drug problem on the socio-economic and health and political lives of people is an important problem. Initiatives and actions put in place by governments will now be presented.

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