CND day 3 – plenary statement of Saudi Arabia on drug trafficking

We reaffirm our determination to combating narcotics of all kinds. Saudi Arabia has ratified all UN conventions on drug control. We have established a comprehensive system to combat psychotropic drugs as well as money laundering.

About drug trafficking, we have a strategy including different bodies: special anti-narcotics unit related to the Ministry of the Interior, consolidated in manpower and resources. Information on seizures of drugs in different kinds in Saudi Arabia: more than 62 million tablets of amphetamines, 17 tonnes of narcotic hashish, and over 60kg of pure heroin.

It is my hope that the international community will redouble efforts to fight all kinds of narcotic drugs. We call upon countries producing tablets in an illicit manner and transit countries to discharge the role required from them to stop the flow of such drugs.

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