CND Day 3 – Spain on the Political Declaration and Plan of Action on an Integrated and Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem

The latest enquiry in Spain shows promising data on a decrease in the consumption of illegal drugs and limitations of access to illegal drugs.

Evaluations were conducted at multiple layers of government, academia, the civil society sector and actors within similar social engines. In order to facilitate classification, the results were organised into areas such as family, community, et cetera. The presentation used a visual format that would provide data in graphics in order to make the information accessible.

The new strategy on drugs developed a plan of action in the area of drugs for 2009-2012 and has a structure similar to the previous plan. This strategy represents all actors, public and private, and includes respect for regional competencies. The plan covers six areas, including coordination; reduction of demand; reduction of supply; improvement of scientific knowledge and training.

The major weight falls on demand reduction. Within that area prevention is a privileged area with 17 actions planned, including risk awareness. Studies of consumption tendencies and consumer profiles are also being compiled and programmes that are evidence-based.

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