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CND day 3 – India’s statement on the 52nd CND Plan of Action and Political Declaration

Last year, the 52nd session of CND adopted the Plan of Action and Political Declaration. India believes in a comprehensive and collaborative manner. IN this regard, we emphasize the importance for a balanced approach supply/demand. There is a need for efforts to reduce poverty and increase the rule of law and democracy. The training of professionals and funding is primordial for a successful policy.

The CND meets annually to finds means to combat the threat of illicit drugs. We are concerned that opium production takes place in India’s neighbourhood. We are also the most important licit producer in the world. We face new challenges: new drugs (ATS) and chemicals are increasing. We need to fight against drug trafficking and organised crime. Abuse of ATS is not yet alarming, but India has already put in place precautionary rules to avoid such issues. India is willing to share its experience and expertise in this problem.

On a macro level, significant gaps remain internationally, especially for precursors. Spreading the net of precursor controls is very important. India urges for such a policy, and the principle of shared responsibility.

New area of concern: misuse of pharmaceutical drugs. This problem needs to be tackled at the global level. We need at least an agreement in principle.

India is committed for the prevention of drug abuse and has built capacity for the support of the UNODC, and is willing to share its experience.

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