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CND day 3 – Japan’s statement on the CND Plan of Action and Political Declaration

We cannot approach the world drug problem solely from the pharmaceutical point of view. We need to combat international organised crime, dealing with demand and supply reduction, bringing together a number of players, including NGOs.

The UNODC World Drug Report shows that member states have acted with efficiency to limit the world drug problem in their own countries. However, we must emphasize the complexity of the world drug problem, and recognise that each country has specific problems. Globally, we are concerned by the proliferation of synthetic drugs and cannabis.

For synthetic drugs, it is mentioned in the plan of action. It is important to address this problem. We must watch this trend. We must stop the proliferation of this new type of drug. Effective cooperation is necessary, including the capacity building of the law enforcement bodies.

We are also concerned with the proliferation of cannabis and we consider that because of the danger of cannabis, our drug situation is even more complicated. We must control substances that are not currently not controlled by the international drug control but include cannabis elements.

My delegation underscores the importance of being vigilant to stop this new trend internationally and regionally, with the help of bodies such as the UNODC. We must also have sufficient resources so that the fight against drugs is successful.

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