CND day 3 – People’s Republic of Lao statement on the 52nd CND Plan of Action and Political Declaration

The transnational character of organised crime requires a concerted international cooperation. Laos welcomes the political declaration and plan of action to counter the world drug problem. The approach of the international community must be based on the principle of common and shared responsibility and include comprehensive strategies.

In 2006, poppy production was significantly decreased, but largely increased again in 2009. The price of opium poppy also increased. Traffic of heroin and ATS also increased, and led to a growing number of users. Reason: lack of alternative development to address the socio-economic needs of producers. The increase in arrests and seizures of drugs shows that Laos is a main road to transnational crime.

National security and socio-economic development are the top priorities in Lao. To take all these challenges and new emerging drug problems, the government has approved a 2009 drug strategy: data collection, analysis, demand reduction, HIV/AIDS, civic awareness, law enforcement, criminal justice, and international cooperation, capacity building. Law enforcement capacities have been increased. This will contribute to the rule of law, national security and development. Along the border, we have reinforced our capacity with neighbouring countries.

A comprehensive and balanced approach is necessary. We reaffirm our commitment to developing bilateral and international cooperation.

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