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CND day 4 – Plenary statement of Italy on drug demand reduction

Italy considers demand reduction as fundamental. Drug dependent individuals cannot be abandoned and their dignity and human rights should be respected. This approach emphasizes respect for human rights and compliance for international law and customary law. We have decided to take action to meet all targets on prevention and education. We have placed special attention on selective and universal prevention, including for those particularly vulnerable.

– Early detection programmes for drug users and dependant
– Specific operations to treat dependence with particular reference to cognitive and behavioural science.
– Active involvement of parents, educators and teachers.
– Focus on the damages caused by drugs and predicted symptoms related to drugs use.
– Campaign to prevent poly-drug use.
– Major project under development for prevention treatment and rehabilitation for women, especially for sex work in exchange for drugs.
– Major checks for the use of drug tests to prevent accidents linked to alcohol and drug use.
– Provision for the introduction of drug tests for minors to obtain licences for motorcycle use.
– Specific focus on the workplace
– Social reintegration is also included in the programme, connections with public facilities to create a network of facilities and services
– Prevention programmes aimed at facilities used by young people
– Focus on prison facilities for juveniles
– Provide information to foreigners on the dangers of drug use.

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