CND day 4 – Plenary statement of Japan on drug demand reduction

We adopt a zero-tolerance policy on drug use is stressed by Japan to maintain a low rate of drug use. There should be public awareness on the dangers of drug use, to diminish the problem of drug use. We have a campaign through many public awareness activities, especially among young people.

It is indispensable for member states to cooperate in this field. Drug abuse can be countered through strong will and commitment.

Treatment of drug dependence and support for social reintegration is important as well to reconstruct our societies and affected families. We have been making progress providing social services and social reintegration.

Japan recognises the need for treatment of drug dependents to abstain from drugs. But MMT is not universal to all countries. NSPs are problematic: it would permit drug abuse in society. This programme should be discussed according to each particular situation. UNODC should not impose these programmes on member states.

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