CND day 4 – Plenary statement of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network and Youth Rise on drug dependence treatment

There are many problems regarding young people who use drugs and their access to treatment. The age of first use of drugs in some countries is 13.

In Cambodia and a number of other countries, there is use of torture, and cruel and inhumane treatment.

There is a lack of efficient drug treatment in Easter Europe and Central Asia, which is home to a large number of IDUs infected by HIV. There is also an over-use of prison for low-level drug offenders. The development of opioid substitution therapy recently in a large number of countries is a sign towards democracy and human rights approaches.

We are also deeply concerned about the situation in some countries of the region, such as in Uzbekistan, or in Russia where substitution substances are still prohibited by law.

Youth Rise and EHRN call on governments to prioritise health for drug treatment therapy, remove legal and regulatory barriers, protect the right to privacy for young people, and enable the meaningful involvement of young people in the design of drug treatment programme quality and standards.

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