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Welcome to CNDblog 2010

Welcome to CNDblog 2010.

CNDblog is a project of the International Harm Reduction Association, and is administered in partnership with the International Drug Policy Consortium. Its objective is to ensure transparency in the deliberations of the 53rd session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND).

CND is the UN body tasked with overseeing global drug policy. However, despite this important mandate, the Commission chooses to work in relative secrecy. Its meetings are not webcast, nor are minutes or summary records made available to the public. The final reports of the meetings are extremely limited. The CND never votes, so it is difficult to find out what position your government has taken on key issues. CNDblog is an attempt to fill this gap, and provide hour by hour records of the debates and decisions rendered during the 53rd session of CND in March 2010.

The first CNDblog was done in 2009. That project was such a success that we have decided to do it all again this year. The entire archive of the 2009 CND session is also available on this site.

Want to know what positions your government is taking on global drug policy? You’ll only find out at CNDblog

How it works

Reporting duties on CNDblog are shared between a group of bloggers from a number of non-governmental organisations from around the world, all of whom are present and observing the CND proceedings in Vienna.

Reporting on CNDblog is uploaded as the debates themselves are taking place, making CNDblog the fastest and most complete record of what is happening at CND.

When it starts

Blogging will commence Monday, 8 March and end Friday, 12 March. Be sure to check back often, as updates will occur by the hour throughout the Commission’s meeting.

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