CND day 1. Iranian delegation statement

The meeting is hoped to take positive steps forward. Iran sees the round tables as an effective and a positive and interactive method to challenge the drug issues. The acceleration of international measures to tackle the drug control issues are a good thing yet despite the UNODC and other international instruments, the global drug problem still prevails.

Despite the reduction in cultivation in Afghanistan, poppy cultivation has increased in many provinces in Afghanistan; heroin producing labs in the region has caused a serious challenge to global efforts and the increasing price in drugs has driven afghan famers towards poppy cultivation.. The NATO war in Afghanistan has also halted any progress in the campaign against drugs coming from Afghanistan.
The negative consequence of this war has severely worsened the problem. The combat against illicit drugs in an international problem and must involve shared responsibility. The lack of resources on the Afghan border has worsened the problem for the countries neighbouring Afghanistan.

The Iran government has fully fulfilled its international commitments by adopting a balanced strategy between drug supply and demand reductions. Iran has also been very strong against drug traffickers. Iran is the flag-bearer in the global campaign against narcotic drugs.

Regional cooperation has meant Iran has promoted the cooperation with Pakistan and Afghanistan. 7 joint operation between these countries have so far taken place.
Severe concern is expressed by the spread of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.
Iran proposes:
– Refraining of politicisation of the drug issue
– Adopting necessary measures boosting UNODC’s budget
– And strengthening the independence of the UNODC

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