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CND day 1 – Statement from the Peru Department of Development

Peru is deeply committed to the principle of joint and shared responsibility. We are, however, embarking in a new phase with regards to the drugs problem. In the face of globalisation, no state can handle the problem alone. This phase compels states to take important decisions, that go beyond their borders. Peru has initiated a series of bilateral and multilateral relationships, and has developed relationships with the Andean community. UNASUR plays an important role.

Peru is committed to the control of illicit drugs and we have produced a substantial progress: police training centres, updated national legislation, etc. It is a source of satisfaction that the UN recognises the progress reached by Peru. We are currently preparing a report on our implementation of drugs. We have identified successes and challenges and we will bring this forward when it is ready. We have begun to allocate resources to address remaining problems, but more cooperation is needed.

Peru is committed to the achievements of the goals included in the Political Declaration to address the world problem. We will continue to discharge and implement the dispositions of the UN drug control treaties. The principle of shared responsibility should be seen as a tool and a vision.

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