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CND day 1 – Statement from the EU Group

The EU reaffirms its commitment to respond to the drug problem, balanced approach between demand and supply reduction based on the principles of shared responsibility and proportionality, in full respect with fundamental freedoms and human rights. The international drug control treaties continue to provide the framework for tackling the world drug problem. Illicit drugs pose a major threat to the security and health of individuals and communities.

EU Drugs strategy and action plan: enhance cooperation and coordination on drug policy in Europe. The Drug Strategy for 2005-2012 sets objectives for this period. Three cross-cutting themes: 1- international cooperation, 2- coordination, and 3- research, information and evaluation. As an integral part of the EU strategy, a strategy on combating drug trafficking was adopted in 2010.

The EU records the importance of implementing the Political Declaration to counter the world drug problem. In this regard, the EU welcomes the new format of the CND, which provides more room for the debates and information on the implementation of the Declaration. The EU has also submitted three draft resolutions.

There needs to be better data collection at international level. With regards to the access of essential control medicines, we encourage collaboration with organisations such as WHO.

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