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CND day 1. Representative of G77 and China opening statement

Opening statement of condolence to the Japanese government and people.

The group remains committed to the political declaration adopted in 2009. To ensure shared responsibility in addressing the world drug problem. Supply side focus must be supported by demand reduction policies.

Concern is expressed about drug liberalisation in certain states. Attention must be focused on rehabilitation programs, reducing demand for drugs to become productive members of society.Inter-agency cooperation is key in this respect. Medical and scientific drugs must also be made available. These solutions are to be made on sound analysis.The G77 needs to enhance awareness and capacity building for treatment and care and ensure adequate supply of drugs in these areas. The growth of synthetic drugs further aggravates the problem. The precursors availability must be controlled, however their legitimate use must not be affected.

Drug supply needs to challenged through alternative development programs. The group requests cooperation in providing new technical and financial assistance in developing alternative development programs. The G77 and china notes the importance in regional cooperation in combating drug traffickers networks.

The group calls on the international community to recall the important decision in 2009 :
a, the need to enable greater governance
b, challenge the lack of funding

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