CND day 1 – Round table on joint responsibility: Uruguay calls for shared responsibility and fairness

I agree with the principle of shared responsibility, but also the criterion of fairness. We need to make the kind of judgement that will show what is happening. When we talk about the Mexican frontier and what is trafficked, we talk about both drugs and arms. We should therefore be relentless in stopping arms trafficking and corruption. People talk about market forces. The rich countries have mposed their views on the poor countries that are not able to deal with drug consumption. When we talk about the principle of shared responsibility linked to fairness, it is to get away from a system that stigmatises certain countries. We should put those classifications behind us. We need to treat money laundering the same way as drug trafficking. Some countries have very vulnerable segments within their population, which creates risks within their society. For example, there is a plan between some south American countries to tackle the issue of crack cocaine. There are also other problems that MERCOSUR is implementing.

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