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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L8

Hungary published L8 on behalf of the EU
“Improving quality and buikding monitoring capacity for the collection, reporting and analysis of data on the world drugs problem and policy responses to it”

Comments on L8
Hungary not a member of the commission so how can Hunary admit a draft resolution
Hungary tabled on behalf Belgium as a member of the EU

Associated harms with associated consequences ~ US
Hungary associated harm is a subtitle from the Promise Programme can Hungary go with deletion but they would like to see the official name of the programme noted US what is the name?

Argentina to put the question on a roadmap on how to proceed between now and the next session

Colombia endorses what was said by Argentina vital what draft resolution come up important not just for those in Vienna but those in the capital

Resolution no 5 Peruvian text resolution 10 African group Prop Resolution 12 Peru and Colombia l15 available by tomorrow pm

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