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Committee of the Whole – Resolution on drugged driving

Much of this debate concerned wording around documents relating to “drugged driving”:
Revision 1
Talking about controlled and pharmaceutical drug abuse
Improve data resources/testing for drug driving
Preambular para 7 “welcoming…”delete the word illicit so it just reads drugs rather than assuming illicit drugs were involved “accident” “roadside testing” consistent with their legal frameworks
“drugged driving” not furthering a burden

Australia – one concern title and terminology drugged driving – their experience is uncomfortable “drugged by a third party” and unexpected drug impaired driving
UK – considering-promote education to help with drug affected drivers
Introducing international content Argentina
Russian Federation para 2 of preambular supports the thrust ofUNDOC’s paragraph 7

Purpose of impairment not scientic but to highlight the issue rather than look at the global area of scientific world

Propose to delete level and seek clarification from the US on the use of illicit drugs in driving.

US approved the change and since deleted the word illicit and proposed”drivers affected by drugs”

US: critically important to engage the scientific community in how drugs affect motor skills on the road you could be legally using pharmaceuticals but you shouldn’t be driving.

Argentina: considered the final part of op1 in the invitation of the scientific community. And ethical situation the translation into Spanish
is deplorable – drug affected driving will be used consistently

Sudan: National responses at what point do we have to talk to international communities

US: “make sure that the sci communities are include”

The rest of the debate continued around definitions of impairment

Cuba stated that they would like to propose an amendment to public safety we want to refer to road safety US public safety is important, not only drivers affected by drug use but pedestrians, people waiting at the bus stop etc

The Russian Federation don’t see a contradiction – a driver who uses substances goes beyond, not just a road accident but impairment which includes airline pilots, boat captains as well.

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