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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L11

Resolution E/Cnd/2010/L11 – Title: Paris Pact Initiative

Russian Federation

Russian Federation sometime ago covened a conference…we felt the covening of such a conference should give additional impetus, in particular to combating the illicit status of opiates, we believe this is all the more… timely as the UN has an obligation in a number of spheres including the destruction of the illicit cultivation of the opium poppy.

3rd paragraph we would delete which reflected stable, increased prices in the past year

In paragraph 5 remove “counter” to “strengthening the threat to the international community posed by the illicit of cultivation and consumption of illicit opiates”

Operative paragraphs
International conference, delete opening members commitments to ending the opiate trade to combating Afghanistan illicit opiate production.

UK: concrete approach, congratulate the Russian Federation for doing so

Belarus: thanks the Russian Federation

France: thanks Russia and the new ministrerial meeting of the Paris pact,new meeting in the 2nd half of 2011

USA: delegation pleased to join consensus with the Paris Pact . The resultion will provide impetus and energy in collaboration

Sudan: Although they didn’t see the pack beforehand they wish to provide the best

Norway: Supports the short concise report

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