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Committee of the Whole – Discussions on FINGOV

To much time on technical issues

FINGOV was going to commit a resolution to consultation, losing track of what was meaning to be discussed.
SWEDEN disturbed that the secretariat gives advice and that doesn’t pan out. How are we interrupting? Very grateful for US to sponsor and Sweden would like to be a co-sponsor.

USA: the proposal will require extra budgetary resources. Serious resource gap and they switched to emergency training mode, have to manage the demand side also in terms of mandates. Renewal of the mandate of FINGOV. Meeting and operational services, have to work with UNODC to look at services where there may be savings etcThe Ambassador invites member states and other donors to provide funds from the UN. All member states from FINGOV will contribute. In Annex 2 their is a cost, will there need to be strategy meetings to meets these.

Sweden: No such info in the conference proposal of an extra $300,000 needed for the CND budget.

UNODC: Planning process, could develop an overarching framework. Clearly the resource base is very stretched, unit has been funded by additional budget.

Argentina: Support what the US said, we have a working document so no PBI needed, we don’t need a paragraph with what was presented to ECOSOC which winds up the debate.

Indonesia: Intervention does not need the PBI clarification on this matter. No resources available.

China Challenge: proposal of the United States wording unclear cannot count on all member states to put foreward a resolution. EG 53rd CND pointed out that according to FINGOV mandate have the right to recommend two items.

The Chair stated that no more additional funding was available.

CHINA would not like to extend the debate. FINGOV has made a lot of recommendations and would another be necessary?

YEMEN is unclear about FINGOV

China, Argentina representations very good,

UK conclude the discussions on annex one and two need to turn to the substng

Sweden wants this discussion is finalised.

UK Raising discussion in the plenary


Russian Federation: Co sponsorship of FINGOV are states. Refer to the FINGOV if states want to become cosponsors in national coalitions.


China stated that they were in agreement with Sweden.

Argentina stated that the draft resolution had not been given through the state, but came through their secretariat, it should come through FINGOV in its entirety.


Chair: It is not a PBI as such.

PBI ramifications on budgets

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