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CND Day 3: Plenary Supply Reduction – UNODC presentation

Opium cultivation level stable 2009/2010 but production declined. Opiate seizures, however increased. Mainly due to increasing seizures in Iran and Pakistan. With regard to morphine, seizures increased too, also due to seizures in Iran and Afghanistan. Heroin seizures increased due to Iran China Turkey and Myanmar. Heroin and morphine seizures concentrated in near and middle east.

Coca cultivation decreased. Colombia and Peru main producers. Decreases in Colombia (-13%), increases in Peru (+7%) and Bolivia. Cocaine seizures stable in terms of global volume, but a shift towards production countries. Increases in Latin America, decreases in North America and CEE. Colombia 37% of total seizures. General trend is stabilisation. Cocaine seizure sin Western and Central Europe are considerable in quantity but declining.

Cannabis: No detailed information on global production, but Afghanistan and Morocco main producers. Afghanistan main producer. Seizures of resin mainly in this region.
Seizures of cannabis herb increased, focused in Latin America.

ATS: Seizures increased slightly. Increases in Asia, decreases in Europe. Total number equally distributed, Saudi Arabia one of largest, but constant, same with China.

Ecstasy: Seizures decreased globally.

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