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Plenary Day 2: Sweden

Aligns itself with the earlier statement of Norway.

The ‘integrated programme approach’ is the way forward to improve the funding situation of UNODC. The regional programme approach has also led to better political ownership.

But there is room for improvement as second generation programmes are now being developed. UNODC is always learning but is on the right path. Sweden welcomes the re-establishment of the Independent Evaluation Unit.

But we must recognise that UNODC has a wide mandate and few resources. UNODC therefore should act as a catalyst for other UN entities to take up these issues.

The working group on governance and finances is playing an important role in helping to strengthen the work of UNODC. This cannot be done in the one-week commission sessions. Sweden welcomes the fact that recommendations can come from the working group to assist.

Welcome the discussion and adoption (as appropriate) of these recommendations.

In relation to funding, Sweden recognises also the difficult situation donors are facing – but encourages non-earmarked funding.

Normative work relating to the Conventions cannot be pursued with earmarked funding. Therefore regular budgets are required.

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