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Plenary Day 2: United States

The US is pleased to be the largest contributor to UNODC (USD 34 million). And is pleased to have increased this funding in relation to both supply and demand reduction. This includes funding for the container programme in Pakistan for the first time, as well as crop monitoring programmes in Peru and Afghanistan.

Despite economic difficulties, the US is confident that UNODC will continue delivering its programmes at high quality. The drug conventions must remain the over-arching impetus for counter-narcotics measures.

With regard to evaluation, US appreciates the reconstitution of the evaluation unit. Evaluation must be incorporated into all undertakings in order to understand the impact of programmes. Senior management must give full and public support to evaluation activities.

US continues to provide general purposes resources and will do so again in 2011.

US strongly supports work to improve and streamline the work of the CND. But US does not support the establishment of a new sub-body to assist in this work. The working group on finance and governance is appropriate, but its informal character must be retained.

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