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Plenary Day 1: The Chair opens the CND

The Chair of the CND begins the opening session with some administrative and operational issues which will govern the functioning of the 55th CND.

The importance of the political declaration of 2009 is re-iterated and the role of all countries in political deceleration of 2009 is stated.

This is the last year of the round table format and we will be looking at the issues of shared responsibilities and the issues surrounding precursors.

The importance of consensus building is stated and should be reached on Friday and everyone should work towards this.

The Chair addresses some basic organisational and administrative matters

The new officers have been Elected for this session are as follows:
• Chairperson – Carmen bujan Ferire – Spain
• First Chair person – Antonio Garcia Revilla – Peru
• Second vice person – Raphael Nakare Dinyando – Namibia
• Third Vice Chairperson – Khamkheuang Bounteum – Laos
• Rapportuer – Simona Marin – Romania

The role of the commission in providing policy directive to the UNODC is re-affirmed.

The operational and administrative matters are adopted by the floor.

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