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Plenary Day 1: Executive Director of the UNODC Yuri Fedotov

Mr Fedetov is Glad to see so many high-level delegates as well as representatives of NGOS.

Mr Fedotov highlights the threat of illicit drugs threat that kills 250,000 people a year while threatening families fuelling terrorism and undermining stability.

He points out coca production decreased by one third and that opium production has also decreased.

He states that 60,000 tonnes of drugs are seized every year. While he states it is important to congratulate Member States on this achievement it is an indication of the size of the problem.

To combat this problem he highlights the importance of the creation of transnational networks. And also the importance to focus on combating the social problems that exist along the trafficking routes, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and West Africa. The UNODC is soon to launch a new program for southeast Europe to combat the so-called heroin route to Europe as well as establishing centres of excellence in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The case of Myanmar according to Fedotov offers a fresh opportunity to reach the unreachable and address opium cultivation.

Fedotov states that Law enforcement cannot be succeeded if it is not supported by alternative development. And he points out that only a quarter of all farmers involved in cultivation have received alternative development assistance.

Prevention, treatment rehabilitation and health have to be recognised as parts of our strategy.

“There is much more to be done if we are to save the millions of people”.

He highlights the importance of a multidimensional approach at the international level with an emphasis of regional participation.

“We must sing in harmony from the hymn sheet of the conventions, we cannot of be out of tune”.


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