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Plenay Day 1: Statement of the Permanent representative of the African Group

Significant progress has been made to address the world drug problem but it continues to undermine socio-economic development and affects public health. In some cases, the world drug problem poses a security threat. The African group reaffirmed their commitment on the implementation of the three drug conventions and the political declaration. They are committing ourselves to eliminate or reduce significantly demand and production of illicit drugs by 2019.

There is room for improvement, to make the system more efficient. The African group express concern of the use of the African continent as a transit route as it fosters money laundering, corruption, etc. It also undermines the Millennium Development Goals.

The African group highlighted the need to improve access to comprehensive prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programmes. They also emphasised the importance of alternative development programmes. They highlighted the importance of the principle of shared responsibility and importance of regional cooperation, exchange of information, etc. Finally, there is a need for a balanced approach between demand and supply. The international community should support the provision of technical assistance for monitoring drug abuse, law enforcement and judicial assistance to combat the world drug problem.

The African Group called on the international community to support the African countries. Some work is being carried out by the African Union on crime prevention and drug control. A session will be held in Addis Ababa this year on the issue.

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