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Day 1 Plenary: Peru ambassador

Peru ambassador: representing the group of 77 and china:
The group reaffirms its commitment to the 3 conventions and the political declaration of 2009. And such actions require common and shared responsibility. The need to further improvements to the round table discussions is discussed and the CND needs to improve their effectiveness.

The problem of precursors is mentioned and the challenge it poses means controls need to be strengthened and alternative development is mentioned as a key tactic in addressing the variety of issues associated with synthetic drugs, especially for farmers. The need for the international community to support alternative development programmes is reiterated.

The group welcomes the proposal of Ecuador on the market options for exploring alternative development.

Ketamine is a mentioned as a serious issue for young people which must be addressed. More funding to go to research to addressing this issue is proposed. The idea of concentrating only on supply side approaches is challenged and demand side approaches must be focused on as well.

Drug couriers and specifically involuntary drug couriers, especially women, is raised as a serious issue that the CND must address. The need to see increased cooperation in addressing the involvement of women and girls in trafficking is highlighted.

Other issues are raised, including the problems facing transit states must be increasingly supported.

The Bolivian coca leaf issue is important and must be addressed by the CND.

The group of 77 and China wants to reiterate the need for significant funding towards UNODC.

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