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Day 1 Plenary: Asian group of countries

The group of Asia nations reiterates importance of shared responsibility.

The group thinks that the situation in transit states needs special attention. The group calls on the international community to support transit states .

We need to adopt effective measures to address issues around new synthetic substances.

The growing gap in capabilities in dealing with drugs challenges, and such we need more financial support for capacity building

We need a balanced approach to supply and demand reduction

We need alternative development, offering promising and viable alternatives and we need better bilateral and regional cooperation.

The group welcome the regional plan for Afghanistan in countering narcotic issues there.

The group is concerned by the rise of ketamine in Asia and its impact on young people.

The issue of a shortage of funds towards ketamine needs to be increased.
We have places a priority on addressing drug trafficking and we need to increase funding and international support, especially the women drug couriers.

Asian group thinks we need more funding for the UNODC

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