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Round Table A: Statement from Poland

Poland is a transhipment country. My question is: who is responsible for this situation? Is it only one country in Asia? We should start our consideration of shared possibility on a single question: evidence based policy, and consider our country to cause problem for other countries in a particular region. We need to harmonise better international efforts but within each country.

To answer to the question from UNODC (which specific actions must be undertaken in years to come): opiates are the main problem, but I would like to draw your attention to ‘designers drugs’. In Poland, there are big problems related to legal highs. We tested a number of samples on legal highs. Only 17 samples contain only 1 substance. Most contain more substances. The result shows that these substances pose an important danger for society. The products are also of very low quality, and people start mixing different substances, including pharmaceutical drugs. We should take under consideration the future of drug policy with regards to legal highs.

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