Committee of the Whole – Resolution L2: Enhancing international cooperation in the identification and reporting of new psychoactive substances

Sponsored by:

Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Peru and United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland Mexico Turkey Finland Thailand USA

The original text can be accessed here.

Venezuela: Asks to include “use of poppers” to the preamble text.

A number of small grammatical changes made by the UK in the pre-ample paragraphs

Canada gets statement about regional organisations removed as NPS is a global issue, and to remove “harm” to replace with “risks”.

Australia wants to keep “harm” over “risk”

Britain’s raises concern that EU already has the EMMCDA so its important not duplicate or take away from its work by creating global early warning system.

A number of changes made but most are around replacing words and small grammatical changes so the text of the document remains in line with the UN conventions and other UN documents. No major changes to the content of the text.

Russia wants INCB to have a role in NPS identification, monitoring etc…UK says  INCB doesn’t have a mandate for NPS however allow Russia to include INCB to in the information exchange process
Netherlands suggests including the WHO rather than the INCB.

Turkey suggests simplifying some text

INCB representative claims INCB has strong experience in responding to precursors and the INCB suggests including the INCB in this paragraph 6.

Russia also suggests the CND needs provide advice to national government on NPS issues and what’s stronger language and enhanced international cooperation.

Nigeria seeks to include “economic regional blocs” into OP6

Turkey, wants to have the language simplified and as such remove INCB and regional blocs (and keep just “relevant international organisations”)

Back and forth debate on whether to include INCB in this area. INCB representative claims that under non controlled substances, the INCB has no mandate.

Russia remains clear in its desire to have INCB included in the information and expertise  of NPS. Highlights some countries may need more help than others and the INCB’s can help in addressing NPS issues.

Australia, if we revert to original language, and remove INCB from this para, we can include INCB in having a role in OP4.

The resolution will be finalised in informal meetings (largely around the INCB inclusion).

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