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Opening Plenary: Statement by Represntative of Uruguay

The world is facing a big challenge as drug problem has crossed entire cultures. In the 20th century we had a goal of drug free society which has created a more complex issue in our fight against drug. This has meant attacking human rights and damage to human being. We can say with full conviction that we have failed and our policies have not achieved its aim. To resolve a problem is to admit the problem exists.
We need public policy to respect human right, protect quality of human lives.  Our continent Latin America has been subject to a lot of violence, state terrorism with disappeared victim. In Uruguay we have tried to strengthen public policy, reduce social inequality .
We have seen a lot of responsibility on the producers market whereas the main centre for crime tool manufacturing, and illicitly money gotten are kept is in developed society.

There is need for strong leadership. We need to review and update international instruments. We need to admit we have had policy that has not given us the result we need. We need to have a humanist approach and public health to effective control drug and not based on criminal law as we have in many years. Not to take the challenge and act  will be an unforgettable error with the weak of our society been affected. We cannot be doing the same thing the same way over and over and expect a different result.

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