Opening plenary: presentation by representatives of United State of America

The US government is committed to the international control of drugs and fully second the statement of the UNODC executive director for expansion of drug prevention and evidence-based intervention.  In the US we have reduced cocaine use. The US does not claim a monopoly of best practice to drug control. Each government must decide its on own course under the international law to protect its own citizen and ensure security.
President Obama recently stated openly that the US welcomes an open debate on this issue which is evidence based.
Those who advocate change to global drug policy should come out with their own recommendations which are evidence based and not mere words.
We may have differences but that should not obscure our reasoning to work together to protect our citizen. My government feels we should focus more attention to synthetic drugs use which is rising while market for cocaine and heroin are stable or reducing. The US shared the concern of many delegates over the wide spread of the synthetic drugs. We need to look into formal scheduling of these drugs.
 Finally the US will like to thank the UNODC and INCB for their invaluable contributions. The INCB has owned our gratitude and that of many governments for the full implementation of the UN conventions. We look forward to a productive work in this commission.

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