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opening Plenary: Statement by LAO PDR

It is noted that the international community including Lao PDR are actively seeking ways to resolve the world drug problem. The annual survey on opium cultivation in Lao shows increased from the previous years. This is resulting from lack of resources for alternative development, demand for opium consumption and increase in the price in the opium market. This creates a strong incentive for famers to continue cultivation and not give up .
LAO government is committed to fighting drugs and crime because of its harmful effect on social, security and health of the society. Our officials have seized high volume of narcotics and arrest of drug traffickers kingpin.
To address the problem in LAO we are implementing a 5 year drug control master plan which is being supported by UNODC.
In the coming year we hope to review the current drug control master plan. Therefore call for more support from the international community.

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