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Opening Plenary: Statement by Representative of Peru

She stated that the country has a lot of scientific information it can share on the coca leaf with Bolivia and agreed that the coca leaf is beneficial. She however said that 90% of coca leaf grown in Peru, and Bolivia does get into trafficking.
In Peru we have been able to capture the leader of one of the trafficking groups and this has given use access to where we couldn’t go before which has led to the eradication of coca leaf plantations.
 The only component of cocaine that cannot be replaced is coca leaf. We have respect for traditional use of coca leaf however traditional use of coca leaf in Peru does not go beyond 8 hectares whereas we have over 66 hectares of coca leaves to deal with.
The government has invested much money to our drug control effort and we cannot allow this to fail. We have greatly reduced the area of coca growing. We cannot accept the statement that alternative development has failed, we have implemented it and its helping to alleviate poverty.
The degree of eradication of coca crops by the present government has exceeded that done by preceding governments.
In Peru we have started series of three party meetings to establish joint Brazil, Bolivia, Peru air patrol. I will like to emphasize that the young people of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru are of concern to us if they suffer from drug abuse. We have fully endorsed a broad integrated and balance approach.
We are convinced that we are on the right path and won’t accept that the war on drugs has failed. We thank the international community for their support based on the respect and sovereignty of our country. We will like the women to join the lead in this fight.

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